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WIPD at a glance


Women’s Initiatives for Peace in Donbas(s) (WIPD) aims to create conditions for a peaceful transformation of the conflict in and around Donbas.


  • Build relationships between women with different experiences of conflict;
  • Work towards reducing tensions and demystify fears and enemy images;
  • Analyse expectations and needs in order to identify shared solutions for urgent issues.


  • Give civil society, especially women, a voice so that they are being heard by the conflict parties and by the international community;
  • Raise awareness amongst local communities of the opportunities in participating and supporting peacebuilding processes;
  • Identify potential actors for peace in the region.


  • Ukrainian activists;
  • Internally displaced persons (IDPs);
  • Inhabitants of certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts (non-governmentally-controlled-areas);
  • Ukrainian refugees in Russia;
  • Russian activists;
  • Representatives of the international community.
All participants are women.


  • Coordination team (Ukraine, including non-governmentally controlled areas, Russia, Germany)
  • Dialogue facilitators (Ukraine and Russia)
  • Scientific Support (Ukraine, Russia, Switzerland)


WIPD combines dialogue and practical cooperation = diapraxis

In a long-term participatory process women build trust and develop networks across conflict lines. Individuals and groups who are affected by the conflict analyse and identify their needs and start to make small steps towards resolving key issues. They empower themselves through joint action and mutual support. Together they look for pathways to peace in Donbas.


= meetings of the transnational dialogue platform: more than 40 women from all groups come together, exchange their perspectives and build relationships.

= specialized dialogues on key issues: participants identify possible solutions which meet the needs of different parties to the conflict.

= cooperation activities (diapraxis) across conflict lines: more than 30 initiatives have been completed since 2016, including in the areas of confidence-building and dialogue, economic and human security, culture, media and peace education, advocacy, research and awareness-raising.

= increasing women‘s participation in the peace process: in accordance with the Women Peace and Security Agenda of UN-SCR 1325 WIPD women act together and voice their concerns in order to actively take part in the peace process.

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